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I usually get excited when I’ve finished writing a project.  It seems like a lot of work has finally come together, a culmination of ideas and effort.  However, this is generally the most dangerous point in your work.  Don’t publish yet!  Take a couple of hours, go do something unrelated, and then come back to it.

It is impossible, as I mentioned above, to take something you have been working on for a long period of time and read it for what it actually is.  This step is somewhat combined and dependent on the step above it.  Depending on who your proofreader is, you may have caught everything already.  If you have merely used the ‘unsuspecting reader,’ though, it becomes more important to reset your mental palate before testing your work again.

Occasionally, big edits occur at this step: perhaps that point should logically come before that one, perhaps that paragraph just doesn’t make any sense now.  But the things I usually find here are fiddly little misspellings, places where I may have started writing one sentence and finished with the end of another, because my mind was moving faster than my fingers.

So, go wash the dishes or something.  Clean your room.  What little chore have you been putting off?  Then, with a refreshed mind, come back and re-read it.  Then you can publish to your heart’s content.

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  1. Mom said:

    Jan. 15, 2009

    I recall saying that: “go clean your room!” Mothers can be sooo helpful. Now, go do the dishes!

    hee hee

    Seriously, you are writing well and I hope that it is encouraging others to enjoy the process of doing a job well, and then, subsequently, having a job well done. (okay, so I overused the word ‘well’)

  2. Heidi said:

    Jan. 21, 2009

    Thanks, Mom! I’m certainly try to put to good use all the habits you taught me … and yes, dishes can be VERY good for brain relaxation sometimes.

  3. Eugendies said:

    Feb. 26, 2009

    Exercise is a great way to wipe your brain. Of course you might have to relax a little afterward before you can go back to looking at your writing. . .

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